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FC Inverter Covers are designed and manufactured in Australia by solar industry

professionals with the sole purpose of protecting your solar inverter from the

harsh Australian weather giving your inverter a longer life. 

Custom designed for market leading inverters such as Fronius, Sungrow and Goodwe. These covers have been approved for installation by these three

inverter manufacturers. 


Constructed from a single sheet of 2mm mill Aluminium, laser cut and folded to suit your inverter type with a powder coat finish to make them aesthetically pleasing. 




Australian Made

FC Inverter Covers are 100% Australian Made. Designed and Manufactured on the Gold Coast, Australia. 


Weather Protection

Our inverter covers are designed specifically to combat the harsh Australian weather that your external solar inverter is exposed to everyday.


Maintain Warranty

The protection provided by our covers greatly increases the lifetime of an external solar inverter by minimising it's exposure to the elements and chances of potential damage, thus, increasing the likelihood of maintaining your inverters warranty. 


Rust Resistant

Our inverter covers are constructed from a single sheet of 2mm mill Aluminium, laser cut and folded to suit your inverter type with a powder coat finish eliminating potential rusting.


Easy Installation

The simple design of our covers allows for an easy installation and removal process that can be completed yourself or by your solar installer.


Optimised Airflow

The specific design of each inverter cover to suit the inverter design allows for optimum airflow to your inverter to prevent overheating ensuring your inverter performs to it's optimum capacity. 

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FC Inverter Covers are currently being sold directly through Greentech Gold Coast and 

Click the buttons below to contact one of these approved distributors.


Alternatively, for any enquiries please fill out the contact form below and a member of our team will

contact you shortly. 



1/33 Central Drive, Burleigh Heads, QLD 4220  |  Tel: 1300 356 881

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